Erdem Çamaşırları Sanayi ve Ticaret Joint Stock Company produces underwear and sleepwear products for men, women and kids since 1979 and continues to increase its product range. Since it was established, we have achieved to reach a wide range of consumers with a rising trend thanks to the trust we received from our customers from all over Turkey.

All the fabrics of our products are knit in our factory in Avcılar Firuzköy, and after manufactured according to our own design models, our products are presented to customers in our wholesale store in Eminönü Yeşildirek. Our services and products continue to expand all around Turkey (at 3500 stores) thanks to your confidence.

The company produces 65-70 ton knit fabric and 400,000 unit of product per month. As well as the local market, the company has manufactured for foreign companies and has received full confidence from these companies through which it aims at bringing the quality of its manufacturing beyond the borders of the country. The company harbors the policy that there's no limit to growth and it has the objective of contributing to the economy of the country by providing that your satisfaction is our satisfaction.